3 Money Making Apps You Need to Download IMMEDIATELY!

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As a traveler who is always in a new country, people are constantly asking me how I make money. It would be nice if I were able to live off the blog, but realistically I’m not there just yet. Here are my favorite three apps that I use to supplement my income though. They literally make my money make me money. Which, isn’t that the goal? If you don’t have these apps installed on your phone, you are literally missing out on FREE MONEY!

1. Drop

Drop has to be my #1 favorite app. I make money by spending money (which is something I’m REALLY good at!) All you do is link your card and any time you use that card with one of their partners, you earn points. Those points can be redeemed for a number of different gift cards (including American Airlines gift cards for those who are trying to travel more!). But personally I always opt for the Hotels.com gift cards. 50,000 points = $50 and I’ve been lucky enough to redeem $150 worth of Hotels.com gift cards from this site so far. For doing nothing but shopping how I normally would! Do you know how far $150 goes out here in Asia? That’s almost a week of free accommodations!! Maybe even more if you’re smart about it.

Now the real reason I love this app is because they have SO MANY ways to earn. You begin by selecting your “Top 5” or the places you shop at most often. Personally I selected Lyft, Uber, Chipotle, Whole Foods, and Walmart (you guys, even Wal-Mart?!). That means any time I take a ride with Lyft OR Uber (which I do often because I have not had a car in 5 years), I MAKE money. Any time I do my intense weekly grocery shopping, I make money. Here’s the other kicker, you can take advantage of any other offers within the app as well! Any other partners they list to earn points with, not just the 5 you selected. And do you know who one of their in-app partners is? Hotels.com!! I spend money to earn points to get MORE gift cards. It’s INSANE!

I know a lot of people must be thinking “Oh but it probably takes forever to get a substantial amount of points.” Wrong again! For my 3 day stay at the Shangri-La in Chiang Mai, I opened DROP, selected “earn through Hotels.com” and then booked my room. Upon checkout, I had earned 18,299 points!! For a purchase I was making anyway! I cannot shout the praises of this app enough. It’s SO simple to use and they have endless ways to earn. They’re even partnered with companies like Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and Sephora! 

Best of all, once you earn 5 times through the app, you get to play a game of snake (remember snake, the OG phone game?!) for EXTRA BONUS POINTS! It’s basically like they are giving money away. 

If you are interested, you can sign up here and use my code, 88s44 to get $5 free. Just for signing up! 

2. Do$h

DO$H works in a similar way to Drop, however rather than points you get actual CASH! And you don’t have to preselect an offer through the app. All you need to do is sign in and link your card. Then when that card is swiped at participating merchants nearby, you get a notification that you received some money!

Most of the participating merchants are only in the US, however there is an area within the app that you can use to book hotels anywhere in the world. When booking through the app, it shows you how much money you will get in return (For example, spend $200 on a room, get $55 back). You guys, I can not make this stuff up! This is an insane deal.

And if you are currently US based, use this to your advantage! I got $0.54 back for eating at Wendy’s. I didn’t even know they were partnered with DO$H until I paid, then on my lock screen popped up “You just earned $0.54” for doing NOTHING but what I was going to do anyway. They are also partnered with DoorDash and GrubHub in the states so…eat and earn!

If you want to start earning free money today, sign up here!

3. Robinhood

No, not the one in tights. Though his philosophy (take from the rich and give to the poor) is probably what the app is based around. It’s taking the power and intimidation out of the stock market. No longer do you need a broker or to pay a trade fee, Robinhood makes it easy for a first timer to follow along and learn the  game. 

When I began dabbling in stocks a few years ago, my plan was to download Robinhood, claim my free stock, and get out. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, they GIVE you a FREE STOCK just for signing up. You don’t have to do anything else! You could just cash out and bounce. Delete the app forever if you wanted. But my curiosity got the better of me. I designed a “watch list” and began to see if I could recognize patterns. 

Although I didn’t make a lot in the markets last year (less than $1,000) I still came out ahead and I’m learning a new skill. All thanks to one app! And the fact that I don’t have to deal with any slimy, seedy brokers that take a percentage of my sales makes me feel a ton better about playing around with trades. (Just don’t buy/sell the same stock more than 3 times in a day or you’ll be marked as a Day Trader – that requires a minimum account balance of $25,000). 

If you want to see what it’s all about, you can claim your FREE stock here!

1 in 250 chance of getting Berkshire Hathaway, Apple, or Facebook!

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