Just a small town girl born with a case of gypsy feet. My work (experiential marketing) has taken me all across the US since 2014…that’s when I knew that I was addicted! From driving down the PCH in California, to getting drunk with drag queens in New York City, I’ve experienced it all. But that wasn’t enough, I needed more adventure! So I took my suitcase to Echo Park in Los Angeles and sold everything! I bought myself a one way ticket to Bali, and haven’t looked back since. 

So many friends/family members/internet stalkers have always been curious of my lifestyle. How do I do it? My whole life in one suitcase!? Yes! As is the life of a gypsy traveler. So join me as I chronicle my journey around the world. The insane, terrifying, thrilling parts of travel delivered directly to your face. No plane ticket necessary!

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