How to have a flawless relationship

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“Flawless?” Really guys, you thought you could have a flawless relationship? Well I’m sorry to say but there is just no such thing! But, I can help guide you into having the best possible relationship for you.

See, the problem is that many people enter relationships with a long list of what they are “not” going to do. I’m sure you’ve heard it before, “I’m not going to clean up after him,” or “she’d better not think I’m going to do all the cooking!”

Hell, some people even have a list of things they won’t accept in a partner. Can’t be too short, too fat, too loud. All of these little preemptive details about your future partner/relationship. Things you’ve probably thought about, even agonized over for hours, months, years.

“…must have brown hair, blue eyes, has to have gone to a good school….”

But what about the other side of that? What are YOU bringing? Everyone is so ready to cast their eyes on others, that sometimes we forget to turn inwards first. Before even worrying about a nonexistent relationship, why don’t you figure out what you ARE going to do.

“I will be an emotional strength and support for my partner” or “I want to make sure my partner always feels safe and protected.”

But by figuring out and setting these intentions initially, you reverse engineer a quality relationship. You begin to do the work before you even meet the right person. Start working on you, and making sure you will be emotionally available to accept a partner when that time comes. Make sure you’ve learned how to protect another person’s heart through your words and actions, before you go seeking someone’s heart to carry.

Because that in and of itself is a big responsibility.

And even once you’ve set sail on this journey of self betterment, don’t enter into a relationship too quickly. Don’t go searching. Don’t dread being alone. Because through the process of it all, life will provide you with someone that is headed in the same direction.

Someone who has done their inner work and will understand how to love YOU through it all. They will be your strength and you will be their safety. You will be partners, unforced. A sheer connection, divinely provided through life.

But it all begins with YOU.

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