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As we enter the end of the year (and month 8 or 9 of Covid lockdown?) a majority of us have depleted our savings accounts or are doing our best to get by on unemployment. Several companies have furloughed employees and so many of us are left wondering, what comes next? How long will this last?

Rather than sitting around and waiting for something to happen – I took it upon myself to start learning how to make money from home. As a self proclaimed “digital nomad,” that has always been the ultimate objective – but thank you Covid for lighting a fire under my ass. I have a few different outlets for making money during this time, including my self published poetry book and an 11 Step Guide to Enhancing Your Relationships during these agonizing quarantine days…

However the most lucrative thing I have done is to open my own Etsy store with nothing more than a plan and copious amounts of free time. It may sound insane, but I started designing products and selling them WITHOUT EVER SPENDING ANY MONEY! That’s right, not a dime was spent from my account and I have a beautiful Etsy store that is periodically selling products!

Do you know how rewarding it is to wake up to a “ding” and open your notifications to find out you’ve made yet another sale? I’m finally making money from my phone – just like all of those digital nomads and influencers have talked about for so long! Now I want to give you the chance to feel the same way!!

That’s why I’ve designed this COMPLETELY FREE guide that will give you the exact steps I used to open my store and make my first sale. All you need is a computer, internet connection, and a desire to create!

So stop reading and start creating!

Get my 6 step DIY resource guide HERE – completely FREE

PS – Please send me the link to the Etsy store that you open from this guide – I would love to support you all in this journey!

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