The Importance of Doing Things Alone

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Sometimes you just wanna feel good for YOU!

As most of you are aware, I enjoy luxury. I grew up in high end hotels (my parents were General Managers of Hiltons, Hyatts, and Marriotts) so I’m used to solid customer service and carrying myself with a certain demeanor. 


…not everybody thinks, feels, or even likes the same things that I do. I understand this completely and I would never force someone to try to enjoy the things that I enjoy. But even as I relax in the cheap city of Chiang Mai, Thailand, I can’t help but be drawn to the luxury of certain locations. 

I’ve met an incredible group of lifelong friends since attending the Nomad Summit here this week. Many of whom I’ve walked the night markets and eaten street food with. However there is a part of me that NEEDS a day or two in full relaxation. Traveling for work the last 5 years has given me a certain comfort level with hotels, making them feel more like home than most Air BnB’s for me. So when I got the chance to stay at Le Meridian in Chiang Mai, I knew I had to take my opportunity to relax. 

After finding that they had a beautiful infinity pool overlooking the city and a daily happy hour, I messaged the crew to invite them out! Unfortunately everyone had their own agenda that day. Which is to be expected of digital nomads. It would have been easy to be disheartened, but that just isn’t me. I zoomed down to the pool first thing and ordered myself some food and a margarita. I ended up sitting next to a doctor from the States and we had a nice little conversation before parting ways. 

Although the thought of attending a happy hour alone was a bit more intimidating, I knew that I NEEDED a night to get dressed up and feel like a sexy woman again. After a week of not wearing makeup and rolling out of bed to hit coworking spots, I just needed to get DRESSED THE HELL UP!

This, I realize, is something I do for ME. It’s not to impress anyone, and it isn’t for attention. Despite my group of friends not wanting to join that night, I knew I had to take myself out. I needed it. Hell, I deserved it! A younger me would have cowered alone in my hotel room and waited for an invite somewhere else. Not any more! I put on my best “feel good” clothes, heels, and red lipstick and I took myself downstairs for a drink!

And do you know what? I had the best time! It was empowering. I walked in there, head held high, and sat alone. I talked with the hostess about my tattoos and where I got them all, then I sat back with my glass of red wine and relaxed. I soaked up my alone time. I thought. I wrote. And best of all, I didn’t have to make small talk. I just enjoyed being in the moment.

That’s what I want to pass on to you all. That it’s okay to be alone. You have to learn to get comfortable with it because you will be alone in life more often than not. You spend all day and night with yourself, so make sure you’ve taken the time to really get to know the real you. Enjoy doing the things that make YOU happy, not becoming a constant people pleaser. When you realize that, you unlock a new level of life and it feels SO GOOD!

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