Book Your Trip

With the flood of new apps out there, it can be difficult to figure out where to get the best deals. Below are some of my go-to travel apps for planning a trip.

Air BnB: One of the most well known travel apps around. From renting out a room in Amsterdam, to getting an entire mansion in Madrid, Air BnB has options to fit every travelers’ budget. They’ve recently updated the app to now include “experiences” available for purchase as well. A sushi rolling class in the heart of Shanghai? Don’t mind if I do…

Skyscanner: Oh Skyscanner, one of my absolute favorites! The reason being, you don’t have to set a destination to look up flights. You can literally look for flights to “anywhere” from your current location. Sometimes, late at night, I’ll open Skyscanner and just look at places I could go if I were so inclined to jump on a flight the next morning. (Oh wait, that is what I do…haha!) You can also watch flights and get price alerts via the app if you do have a specific destination/dates in mind. Check your travel dates now!

Agoda: I hadn’t heard of Agoda until last year, but it ended up being the main app that I used to book my hotels in the Netherlands. That could have something to do with the fact that you can link it with your favorite airline frequent flyer number, and earn points for every night you stay. (Talk about ROI!) I also love the fact that the price listed in the app is THE PRICE YOU PAY! No extra taxes, fees, ect.

Travel Pirates: Travel Pirates is a great app for a spur of the moment traveler like myself. It is constantly updated with mistake fares, super discounted hotel rooms, and low low priced travel packages. The amount of options available is SO exciting!




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