Wanderlusting Hippie

“To know you exist is the most terrible irony” 

Where I've been

Bangkok, Thailand

One of my favorite things to do is get new ink in the places I visit! I currently have 17 tattoos from 13 different cities (and 4 different countries!) But none of them were quite like my experience in Bangkok...

Harz, Germany

Ahhhh...catching snowflakes in a red dress. (I mean, I needed to have my Khaleesi moment in front of a castle!! Not pictured: The hour drive to the base of the castle, the trolley ride up the mountain, or the 3 jackets, scarf, and hat I wore between photos. I was FREEZING, ya'll!


Child Of The World

“Her eyes saw beauty from deeper souls and her mind swayed to dance with the earth. She believed in laughter, kindness, and kisses at midnight. She was a loner, whose religion was love…”           

when the wanderlust strikes

As a nomad for over 5 years, most of my trips have been solo adventures. The number one thing I get asked is “aren’t you scared?” 

I was at first. But traveling alone is one of the most liberating experiences of your life! You learn how to rely on yourself and what you are TRULY capable of. You make mistakes and you make friends. 

You create memories and fall in love with new flavors that you may never taste again.

So if you are questioning if you should finally buy that ticket – or wait for your friends – JUST GO!